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The StudBuddy® Story

Having spent the last 40 years as a framer, carpenter, builder, designer and general contractor, I felt that there must be a simpler and more accurate way of locating framing studs behind drywall. I was frustrated with using electronic stud finders, the “tapping” method or drilling multiple holes to locate studs.

Several years ago, while playing with strong neodymium magnets, I suddenly saw the ease of locating drywall nails and screws, and therefore, stud location. I set out to patent and design a simple device that would locate studs and stick to the wall for visual reference. From this, The StudBuddy was created.

-Collin Bernsen, The StudBuddy, LLC

The Team

Collin Bernsen

Founder and LLC Manager
Los Angeles, California

[email protected]

Weston Bernsen

Production & Procurement

Grace Wilson

Processing & Billing

Harrison Bernsen


Jim Greilick

Account Executive

Jordan Smith

Account Executive
Los Angeles, California

Julie Frost


Oliver Bernsen

Photography and Video
Los Angeles, California

[email protected]

Keeping it in America

The Studbuddy, LLC is a family owned business located in Los Angeles, California with production facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah. While some of our parts are globally sourced, our hearts and production remain in America.